The Average American Woman is a Size 16 According to a New Study

American women are on an average between a Mrs. size 16 to 18 or what is now considered a plus size 20 W, according to a new study from the international Journal of fashion design. A University of Washington researcher compared publicly available data along with the waist measurements of over 5500 women above the age of 20. Danielle Brooks and Selenis LeyvaThey concluded that women's waist size has grown by 2.6 inches over the past 21 years. It should be noted however that Forbes says that it is difficult to nail down women's sizing, as there is no public source for body measurements necessary to fit clothing. Furthermore the research doesn't necessarily account for body shape, waist to hip ratios and the lack of standard sizing. Clothing sizes are vulnerable and research has its limitations. We wanted to use publicly available data that was collected in a reliable scientific fashion.
Every clothing company has its own sizing chart and we recognize it making a generalization is difficult. It was based on two very specific datasets. We use the measurement that made the most sense to us and agreed as acceptable by peer reviewers in this discipline. The study results come as Refinery29 launches the 67% Project. The project is based on the data that 67% of women in the U.S. where a size 14 or higher.
The actress Danielle Brooks from "Orange Is the New Black" is the ambassador for the project. She says that 67% of women are plus size, but only 2% of them are seen in media, magazines and a plethora of other things we see every day. It is time for all of us to be seen and be heard. Refinery29 in partnership with Getty images is making stock imagery of plus size women available for free for use across blogs and major outlets.